Student’s Thoughts on Rice Purity Test Questions – Part 1

This can be considered as the second part of the rice purity test. From here the questions become more interesting, and you would enjoy answering those questions. Rice Purity Test is just a fun activity for every student.

So here are some Rice Purity Test Questions. You will find every activity which you have done. Read all of them and enjoy them.

Rice Purity Test Questions Defined Part 1

Q1. Danced Without Leaving Room for Jesus?

This means having experience of a couple dancing. The moment the slow and mushy tracks start playing all the couples run on the dance floor and dance together. So, have you been in any such situation? In actual it is quite an enjoyable moment where one can feel free and enjoy with friends and even with the teachers.

Many individuals enjoy dancing and chilling with friends especially in their college life. However, one gets a golden opportunity to interact with new people. But you should be aware of the place where you are going for partying. Sometimes we go to such places about which we are not aware of and may get stuck in difficult situations.

There had been many cases where young children have been caught consuming alcohol and drugs. So, one should be aware of such situations before joining any such party. It is better to remain away from such places about which you are not aware of.

But you must enjoy with your friends at the parties!

Q2. Been Arrested?

It includes the situation of getting arrested by any good-looking female officer on a Halloween day. Have you been punished by someone like that? You might have been in such a situation for once a while. According to me, one should not get involved in such situations. It can bring you in a bad light.

One cannot consider getting arrested by the police officer as a cool activity. Sometimes you might land in dangerous situations which would even lead to imprisonment. Such actions are not suitable for a young person.

You should think wisely before involving in such situations. You should be aware of your limits which should not be crossed. Simply following others won’t help you. One should use his or her own brain before getting into such situations.

Q3. Used Tobacco?

Tobacco is not beneficial for consumption. It is as dangerous as any weed, drug etc. It should remain away from the reach of the high school kids especially. But it may be possible that an individual might have consumed tobacco at-least once. It can be considered just as an experience or may due to peer pressure.

However, it is not good for human consumption as it has harmful effects over body organs. There are many advertisements showing the bad effects of consuming tobacco on health. There are many cases where students have been found getting addicted to tobacco consumption. So, it is better not to consume it even under peer pressure.

You know how to control your mind and actions. You should not get influenced by the others and make your own decisions because the consequences are to be faced by you only. It is better to stay away from those people who are involved in drinking and consuming tobacco.

Beware of such people, just stay away from them!

Q4. Used Marijuana?

There had been a case where a person before having a tough game smoked a pot just to release stress about his performance as he wasn’t in form but had a desire to get selected in the team. But unfortunately, he couldn’t get up in the morning and overslept due to which he missed his game and not got selected for the team.

Here we can clearly see that using marijuana can help you to calm your nerves, but it can lead to over sleepiness. So, it is better to remain away from such habits. It may lead to permanent loss to many things in your life.

Q5. Been Sent To The Office of A Principal, Dean or Judicial Affairs Representative for a Disciplinary Infraction?

I would consider it to be a disciplinary action which every student might have faced once in his or her life. One should not have behavioural issues and avoid any type of commotion at school.

It is better not to involve in such activities in the school or any other institution. Sometimes it even leads to the suspension of the student from the institution. It would not only harm your image but also affect you emotionally and mentally.

Q6. Had The Police Question You?

So here the question is about being questioned by the police officer in a case where your involvement is suspected. The questioning can be in two ways. First, for e.g. a robbery took place in your neighbourhood, and the cops have called you to interact with them.

Second, e.g. the cops have called you to question about the drug party where you were present last night. So, there is a difference between the two situations.

It is better not to get involved in such situations.

Q7. Had A Pregnancy Scare?

It is a very sensitive situation where a girl has a fear of getting pregnant at an undesirable point of time. Such situations occur due to lack of sex knowledge among children.

They tend to get distracted at a young age and involve in such activities which can create a problem for them in future. One should not even try to pull a prank on somebody by using the term pregnancy!

Q8. Been On A Date?

It is almost the desire of every young individual to go on a date at least once in his or her college life. Some people would like to go to a disco for a date; some would like to go have a calm and peaceful date.

Dating is just a medium of knowing the other person. It would create some memories to cherish forever. It can also help you to improve your relationships, overall personality as well as the dressing sense.

Q9. Been In A Relationship?

There are few relationships which remain forever. Some couples are not able to adjust with each other and get separated in a short time. However, some are able to understand each other and live together forever.

It completely depends on individual opinions and personality. But one should always take care that his or her activities are not hurting a person’s sentiments. Sometimes these relationships have long term emotional effect on the individual.

Q10. Been Drunk?

Now some people will say that I have consumed alcohol, but I am not an alcoholic which is perfectly fine. One can try alcohol just for enjoyment but should not get drunk in parties or gatherings. It gives a wrong impression of the person on other people.

Q11. Played A Drinking Game?

Many of the young students might have played games where they might have consumed alcohol. As it is earlier mentioned that one can consume alcohol but in the limit. Excessive alcohol consumption may lead to bad effects on the health of the individual. So, it is better to consume alcohol in the limit.

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