Student’s Thoughts on Rice Purity Test Questions – Part 2

This part of Rice Purity Test is filled with fun and enjoyment. These are a different type of questions based on various categories. One needs to answer these Rice Purity Test Questions very smartly. So, the following are the questions:

Q1. Had the Police Called on You?

There can be some incidents where the police might have called you. For example, that you and your friend must have been partying so hard that the loud music disturbed the neighbour downstairs and they called the police.

So, such cases might have happened at least once with most of the people. But such incidents are not good in any way. You should not get involved in such cases.

This sometimes leads to serious police actions which may harm your image in the society. It is not bad to go to a party with your friends, but your enjoyment should not cross certain limits. It should not disturb other people.

Q2. Seen a Dancer?

One student shares the incident at bachelorette party of one of his seniors with whom he became a friend a few years ago. He says that he saw a stripper at the party. Everyone at the party enjoyed the presence of the dancer.

In such cases, it completely depends on one’s own choice. It is completely on you whether you want to join the party or leave the party. There is no worry about telling your friends if you are not comfortable with any type of situation at any party place.

Q3. Been Convicted of a Felony?

Firstly, we need to know the meaning of a felony. It is a crime regarded in the united states and many other judicial systems as more serious than a misdemeanour.

Some students say that they have never been into committing felonies. They say that even being the notorious students of the high school, they have always set boundaries for themselves which they are not supposed to cross.

Q4. Been Put on Disciplinary Probation or Suspended?

Many students share their incidents of getting suspended or put under disciplinary probation in high school. Some incidents which may lead to the suspension of the students from the high school are pranking on other students, creating nuisance in the school premises, using the fireworks in the school washrooms which is very common.

If you are lucky then you not get caught by the school authorities, but in some cases, you can get caught and get suspended from the high school. Such cases may give fun or enjoyment for some time but may lead to serious problems for others.

So should take care that none of your pranks or other activities does harm any other student. It may affect them physically as well as emotionally.

Q5. Gone Skinny-Dipping?

Here one student shares his incident. He says that he took his girlfriend on a date to the countryside which was the very secluded area. The date idea worked in a very good way, and they both enjoyed a lot.

It is an excellent idea to go on a date in a very different place. You get to know each other in a better way. But for such dates, you need to be very trustworthy to your partner and must know about the area completely.

So, one can have such experiences but for that, you need to win the trust of the other person and make him, or her feel comfortable and safe.

Q6. Urinated in Public?

I would consider it to be a shameful act. One should not urinate at a public place. There are many public toilets made for the convenience of the general public. On the long trips, one can get fresh either at a restaurant washroom or washrooms at petrol pumps.

But you should never urinate at public places. It creates the foul smell and makes it very difficult for the people to pass from that area. These days the government has started imposing fines on the people who are found urinating in the public places. So, it is better not to do such an activity in public places.

Q7. Held Hands Romantically?

It is a pretty common thing these days. Couples are found holding hands at various places. There is no problem in holding hands if you share an extraordinary bond.

But one should take care of the comfort level of the other person. You should not make other people feel uncomfortable due to your activities. It makes a good image of you in front of others.

Q8. Run from the Police?

I personally would consider it to be a very bad idea. If you get caught while running from the police, then you would get beaten up some more by the cops. So, it is not a cool idea. You should not be afraid if any cop is approaching towards you.

If you have not done something wrong, then there is no matter of running away or getting afraid by the presence of the cops. Even if you have done something wrong, you should not run away from the police. Also running away is considered a severe offence. You would get caught some or the other day.

Q9. Had the Police Handcuff you?

Getting handcuffed means, you have done something wrong. Some people consider handcuffing as a fun experience, but actually, it is not. You should not get involved in such activities where there are chances of getting arrested by the police.

It may land you in a serious problem. Never do any such activity or pranks which may lead to an invitation to the police. It is better to remain out of such activities.

Q10. Faked Sobriety to Parents or Teachers?

One student shares an incident of his friend who was fond of partying. He once sneaked out in the middle of the night from his house to attend a party, but he didn’t manage to reach back home on time.

In the morning he was sneaking back into his room but could not make it as his father caught him. So, in such cases according to me, one should always inform his or her parents before going to such parties.

In case you get stuck in any difficulty, so your parents know where you were? If they are not aware of your location, you may land in any problem, and nobody will get to know.

So, it is better to keep your parents informed about your current location. It will build a feeling of trust in parents for their children.

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