Take the Rice Purity Test now and see just how pure you really are!

Once completed your purity score will be calculated from your answers and your result displayed.

These 100 questions will assess your level of purity in wordly matters.
The Rice Purity Test has a possible score of between zero and one hundred. The test asks a number of questions of an intimate nature, which includes the use of alcohol and illegal substances, sexual acts plus other illicit or illegal traits that cross the line.

The Rice Purity Test is not an official test or survey. There is no formal organization or body that monitors it. Normally the test is undertaken by students in an informal setting.

The test which millions have participated in consists of one hundred questions and is totally anonymous.

As a rule, it has been found that those under eighteen years of age achieve a better score than those who are older older. This could be because younger participants are by and large less likely to have particpated in certain chancy or what could be described as less level-headed pursuits that their older, more experienced counterparts have engaged in.

As individuals age, by and large their average Rice Purity Test score reduces. This could be directly attributed to the fact that as a person gets older they are subjected to more varied and perhaps more risky situations, which results in a boost to their life exposure.

Over the last decade or so, the internet, and in particular social media, has had a profound effect on society.

With consumers seemingly more impressionable than ever, and with
so-called “influencers” promoting all manner of products and weird and
wacky behaviors, so called experts in the field are concerned that some
of us are being influenced by what they see, read, hear, and watch
online and as a result are being stripped of their innocence.

After taking part in the Rice Purity Test, Gen Z’ers  have been discovering just how
innocent they really are and despite this test, which incidentaly is totally anonymous having been around for close to an almost am unbelievable four decades, the Rice Purity test finds itself very much under
public scrutiny yet again.

One thing is certain. The world is full of temptations and being human, we’re fallible and we all make mistakes.

So how much do you really know about your own behavior?

And what does this Rice Purity test tell you about your character?

You might be surprised to discover that some of the things you
thought were harmless could actually have a negative impact on your

Rice Purity Test Results Meaning

100 to 98 You are considered to be as pure as gold. Few find themselves in this category, but you are one of them.
97 to 94 You are no longer quite so pure. Maybe you have been out on a date, held hands, or kissed someone? Something of this nature has taken the purity you once had.
93 to 77 You are in the average range of purity here. This is what most folks achieve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good Rice Purity Test score?

If you achieve a score of between 98 – 100 It means you are very innocent and you are basically as pure as gold. Nowadays someone who is over the age of eighteen would find it virtually impossible to achieve this score.

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How does the Rice Purity Test work?

The test asks participants a series of 100 questions based upon a wide range of different topics, such as those mentioned elsewhere on this site.

Users will simply work their way through the list of questions and answer honestly and thruthfully to the questions.

Participants will simply answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a series of … Read the rest >>>>

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