Rice Purity Test Results Meaning

100 to 98You are as pure as gold. Very few people fall into this band, but you’re one of them.
97 to 94You are quite pure. Perhaps you have gone on a date and held hands or kissed someone in the movies? I think that’s romantic!
93 to 77You are averagely pure.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good Rice Purity Test score?

A score of between 98 – 100 means you are very innocent and you are basically as pure as gold. Nowadays an individual over the age of 18 would have difficulty achieving this score. You’re considered pretty pure if your score is average 97 and 94.

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How does the Rice Purity Test work?

The test asks participants a series of 100 questions based upon a wide range of different topics, such as those mentioned elsewhere on this site.

Users will simply work their way through the list of questions and answer honestly and thruthfully to the questions.

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