How does the Rice Purity Test work?

The test asks participants a series of 100 questions based upon a wide range of different topics, such as those mentioned elsewhere on this site.

Users will simply work their way through the list of questions and answer honestly and thruthfully to the questions.

Participants will simply answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a series of 100 ‘Have you ever’ type of questions.

As an example, a question could be: ‘Have you ever kissed someone below the belt?’

The higher the score, the more innocent the person is. So, if a person scored 100 for example, they would be considered very innocent as they would not have had much sexual or romantic experience, been in trouble with the law, or have drank alcohol or used drugs.

The lower the score, the less innocent the individual taking the test is considered to be.

Rice Purity Test Warning: Despite the test being created as a bit of fun, experts are worried that it could result in kids and even young adults, giving in to peer pressure and engaging in rebellious, and even illegal activity, so as to “fit in” and not be considered “boring”.

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